Surabhi Bus Shelters - Bus Stop Brings Surabhi's Tasty Delights



Established in 1989, Surabhi Sauces is a well known brand known for the range of sauces. We specialize in crafting premium Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Ginger Garlic Paste, Pani Puri, and Date Tamarind Chutney. Our culinary range includes Ketchup, Chinese Sauce, Schezwan Sauce, Jam, and more. Experience the essence of purity and flavor with Surabhi Sauces.


Surabhi, the culinary master, has embarked on an innovative marketing campaign, transforming 50 bus shelters into vibrant canvases showcasing our delectable range of products. In the middle of busy days, people going on buses see pretty pictures showing off Surabhi's three different range of Ketchup - NONG, Classic, Hot & Sweet.


At the heart of this campaign is Surabhi's star product – a trio of mouth-watering ketchups: Nong (No onion, No garlic), Classic, and Hot and Sweet. These tasty sauces are just a small part of all the yummy things Surabhi makes in the kitchen. From the zesty Ginger Garlic Paste to the tantalizing Schezwan Chutney, Mayonnaise, and Date Tamarind Pani Puri Chutney, Surabhi is like a delicious paradise for food. It means Surabhi have a lot of tasty things to eat, and it's a special place for people who love good food.


What makes Surabhi special is that we make sauces for everyone. We have a special range called Jain, which includes Jain Chinese Sauce, Jain Schezwan Chutney, and Ketchup without onions or garlic for people who prefer that. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our tasty sauces! Surabhi's bus shelter branding not only captures attention but also invites everyone on a savory journey through our delectable world of condiments. Explore the diverse flavors of Surabhi Sauces


Surabhi Bus Shelter

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