Surabhi Tomato Ketchup Classic - 400 g

Surabhi Tomato Ketchup Classic - 400 g
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Surabhi Tomato Ketchup Classic - 400 g

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Introducing Surabhi Classic Tomato Ketchup, a culinary delight boasting a remarkable 63% tomato puree! Elevate your dining experience with its delectable and nourishing flavor profile. Revel in the genuine sweetness and tanginess drawn from ripe tomatoes, meticulously curated to tantalize diverse palates. Crafted from premium-quality tomatoes, Surabhi Tomato Ketchup maintains its vivid hue, unfaltering over its generous 12-month shelf life.

Surabhi Sauce enthusiasts will find this tomato ketchup a pinnacle of taste and quality within the brand's distinguished range. Versatile and robust, it seamlessly enhances dishes as a dip, spread, or integral cooking component. Immerse yourself in the rich essence of tomatoes.

Experience the culinary excellence embodied in Surabhi Ketchup. Surabhi ketchup represents a commitment to superior ingredients and consistent, delightful flavors. Elevate your meals and culinary creations with the enduring taste and unmatched quality of Surabhi Classic Tomato Ketchup—a testament to excellence in every drop.

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