Surabhi Tomato Ketchup (NONG) - 200 g

Surabhi Tomato Ketchup (NONG) - 200 g
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Surabhi Tomato Ketchup (NONG) - 200 g

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Spice up your meals with Surabhi Tomato Chilli Sauce! Our blend of ripe tomatoes and fiery chilies creates an explosion of flavor, ideal for dipping and drizzling. Elevate your dishes with this versatile Surabhi Ketchup—it's a must-have for snacks and who likes spiciness.

Surabhi's Tomato Chilli Sauce packs a punch with its tantalizing mix of flavors. Crafted for those who love Surabhi Ketchup & Sauce, this condiment brings a zesty twist to any dish. Its 12-month shelf life ensures long-lasting enjoyment, maintaining its bold taste and quality.

Experience the thrill of Surabhi's flavor-packed sauces! Whether as a dip or used in a gravy, Surabhi Tomato Chilli Sauce is your go-to partner for a burst of taste in every bite. Try it today and add that extra zing to your favorite snacks!

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